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Hurricane Ike Relief Efforts

Stream Location: Texas Gulf Coast
Broadcaster Since: October 15, 2008.
Hit Count: 5039.
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The Portlight Ike Relief webcam has moved here and now supports more viewers! This page has a chat feature that currently works in a separate window, but we are working to get it all on the same page.

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Portlight Ike Relief Update 10-13-08

Portlight is currently preparing the next push of supplies to head to the forgotten populations and disabilities community along the Texas Gulf Coast. Due to the exceptional pricing that U-haul has given us on trucks we have found the cheapest way to transport these goods is to continue to utilize our U-haul deal to transport these goods. We will be delivering many items to these outlying communities early to mid next week. Look for updates on this trip as it happens!
Some of the supplies that are being delivered include 50 manual wheel chairs that were specifically requested by the Houston Mayor of Disabilities. We have also received items from Coleman and Dick's Sporting goods which will be on the truck. A pallet of tents has also been donated by an anonymous person. Some quantity of socks has also been donated. As we receive and secure more items we will continue to update. In the mean time, if any have connections that may be able to help us acquire some of the following items; your timely help is greatly appreciated...

Baby Items
New Clothing
New Pillows
New Sheets & Blankets
Bug Spray
Cleaning Supplies
or any other items that would typically be useful in the aftermath...

This is a letter from Eagle Heights Fellowship regarding the medical supplies that were shipped to them. This is a critical shelter since many of the Red Cross shelters in the outlying areas have closed. Along with this shipment we also shipped supplies to EmmyRose for San Leon, as well a shipment for the Bridge City Fire Department. During this next push we are also going to try and work with Scott to try and get some warm meals out to Bolivar. Anyone with food and beverage connections in the Houston area that may be able to help with this can contact or

Just got medical supplies yesterday. THANKS SO MUCH! They are already being put to good use.

Just a quick thought from ground zero. I got on the Bolivar Penisula yesterday to take one of the people in our shelter to meet a FEMA inspector. You still need a driver's license with an address down there to get past the roadblocks to get in. We had been asked by some of our county officials to take some MRE's down there since we were going. Come to find out, there are people down there with little to nothing to eat. We delivered a truckload of MRE's to local workers, water and sanitation workers, etc., who live there and are trying to get things going. They are not getting any supplies or hot meals. One of the guys down there told me there are a few hundred people in Crystal Beach who are working and are having to scrounge for supplies to have enough to eat. He said they would take a collection among themselves and someone would drive to Winnie and try to get enough for a couple of days.

These guys are working constantly and are getting worn down quickly. It's been a month and it looks like the storm came through yesterday. I've got pics if anyone wants them. We are trying to figure out some ways to at least get a hot meal to those guys, at least occasionally. Don't know if there is anything you guys can do to help this, but I thought I'd let you know and see what happens.

Thanks again for the supplies.


These are the supplies that were shipped...

As Portlight moves forward we are working diligently to build a sustainable effort that will be able to help the forgotten people for years to come. Part of this effort includes the monthly donor program which will be critical to sustaining our current momentum. Please consider what you can give on a monthly basis. To engage in this program, simply donate through PayPal and in the comments section please state Monthly donation commitment OR mail a check to the address below and designate for Monthly donation program. You're help in sustaining this effort is not only desperately needed, but also greatly appreciated.

Portlight Strategies, Inc.
2043 Maybank Hwy.
Charleston, SC 29412
MEMO: Hurricane Ike Relief

Or donate through PayPal.

Portlight Strategies, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit tax exempt organization founded in 1997 for the purpose of providing medical equipment and other services primarily to people with disabilities. This was also the host organization for the Spirit of ADA Torch relay which visited 24 cities in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. All funds will be transparently accounted for in a separate dedicated account and posted on Pat's blog and are a matter of public record through the organizations IRS Form 990 which can be reviewed at Charity Navigator or the IRS. For the last 6 years over 90% of all donated funds to this group have gone to direct program services. This can be verified at the South Carolina Secretary of State website: Public Charities and then charity search....enter Portlight

Truck 1 with medical equipment for the disabilities community in Houston!

Truck 2 has been delivered to Bridge City and Winnie.

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